Emergency medical information storage device





Frequently Asked Questions

The picture above illustrates the #1 reason to buy my product! Sure, you can put all of your info on any old USB.....BUT.....in an emergency....

911USB is the only product that is immediately recognized.

 I try to anticipate questions that you might have about our 911USB products & services and provide the answers here.

If you need additional information send an email to admin@911USB.net.




How much information will a 2GB USB hold?

That depends on what you have copied onto it! If you simply fill in the templates with your medical information, you can store thousands of pages of typed information. However,  CT scans and high resolution images do take up more space.


What FREE Templates are included?

We have included these templates:

- Medical history

- Medication list

- Food & drug allergies

- Emergency contacts

- Doctors / insurance / pharmacy contact info

- DNR forms & medical directives

- Religious requests / treatment restrictions

If we do not provide a form that you need, use CONTACT US to send us an email. We will locate the form and add it to the website asap!


What format are the template documents?

The templates are all in Microsoft Word format.  I provide them as samples of the forms that I can provide to folks that dont have access to a computer. You can print and fill in the information and scan onto your 911USB, or send them to me with your paid order and I will scan them for you and put on the 911USB product that you purchased.


Is my information safe & secure?

It is as safe as your wallet or car keys!  If you tend to lose either one on a regular basis, then we suggest that you buy TWO! Seriously though, YOU decide what information you want stored on the device.  You may decide to password protect certain documents or folders if you wish. The decisions are totally up to you. 911USB is simply providing you a tool to organize your medical records and emergency contact information.


How does the hard copy scanning service work?

For those who do not have access to a computer, we will mail a set of medical forms for you to complete and return to us. You do not have to use the forms that we send. Walgreens and CVS pharmacies will print your prescription medication lists for you.  Your doctors office can also provide copies of your medications and test results if you request them. However, if you have multiple doctors, it is usually easier to have your pharmacy print a complete list!  You can also get your Hospital records by requesting that those be sent to you. (some facilities may charge for this service). If you already have medical directive forms, just send a copy of those! Whatever documents you send to us will be scanned onto your 911USB. Your originals will be mailed back with the 911USB style that you purchased.  


Can you just scan my medical records for me and not use your forms?

YES, we will scan any medical information that YOU want placed on your 911USB. Simply mail the information to us with your payment & mail in order form and we will scan your documents onto your 911USB and send the originals back to you.


Do you have a back up of my records in case my 911USB is lost or damaged?

Nope! For your security and ours, we do not keep any copies of any files that we scan and place on a 911USB product. Our scanner places your documents directly onto the 911USB. We simply sort the files into folders to make it easier to find the information needed as quickly as possible. If your doctor / hospital use an online patient portal system, you can simply select the print option and select your 911USB rather than your printer and your files will be saved directly to your 911USB


Are these things durable? What's the warranty?

We use high quality USB devices that are durable under "normal circumstances."  We guarantee that the product will be free from defects upon delivery. Within 30 days, you may return any defective 911USB device for a full refund or replacement. They are not intended for rigorous daily use and/or exposure to excessive temperatures, moisture, dirt, children, dogs! If you wear the key chain style as a necklace, we recommend that you do not shower or swim with it on.